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Attention Back Pain Sufferers

Have you "tried everything"? Are you still suffering with back pain? Are you frustrated with little or no progress in your recovery?


Many back pained patients recieve poor advice that is a barrier to recovery. Often the cause and source of pain is undiagnosed or patients are simply rushed into "treatment" with no clear reasoning to support it. This hit and miss approach can often make things worse, and is incredibly frustrating to experience. The McGill Method aims to identify the mechanism of pain and address it. 

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At Rebuild we use the Pain to Performance Model of Care


Phase 1

Reduce and eliminate pain with hands-on treatment, activity/posture modification, cryotherapy, and rest.

Phase 2

Correct muscular imbalances and compensations. Build core, hip, and shoulder endurance. Train pain free movement.

Phase 3

Get back to the activities that are important to you. REBUILD your physical capacity, maximize your health and quality of life!

Do You Have Shoulder Pain That Never Seems to Get Better?

Our Physiotherapists have a unique approach to treat it

Does your shoulder pain wake you up at night?

Does raising your arm or lifting a glass cause searing pain? 

Are swimming, tennis, weightlifting, and other sports no longer fun?

We can help


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"These guys gave my life back to me. I was almost crippled 6 years ago.

Back pain was killing me, but now I work out few times a week. Very nice and positive people. It is just wonderful being around these guys. If I don't go there few days, I start missing them. Weather you need physiotherapy or a place to work out, this is the place to go. This place is full of positive energy."

-Nader Fathi, Google Review

"After suffering for months in pain with a frozen shoulder diagnosis,

I started working with Physiotherapist Drew Reinhardt. He used manual manipulation, dry needling and an exercise program which had me progressing in no time. He was so professional, friendly and accommodating and even held virtual sessions while I was away. I now have my range of motion back and owe it all to Drew. I highly recommend him! Thank you for everything Drew!"
- Angie Malandruccolo, Google Review


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Don't let chronic pain control your life.

It's time to take control of your health and take the first steps to recovery.

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Rebuild's Workout Of The Day Program

Get in great shape, improve your energy, and grow stronger with our daily workout program.