Are you suffering with pain when you workout, sleep, or raise your arm overhead?

Determining the cause of your shoulder pain is the KEY to success

We start by determining (in most cases) the CAUSE of your symptoms with a physiotherapy assessment and diagnosis. There are many reasons for shoulder pain including: Impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears/strains, instability, dislocation, subluxation (the shoulder joint going out then back in), A/C joint strain/sprain/separation, labral tear, arthritis, clavicle fracture, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), and humerus fracture just to name a few

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Shoulder pain always has a cause

Once this is identified the rehabilitation journey can begin

Our shoulder program has three steps. One: Eliminate shoulder pain with manual therapy, postural correction, ice and heat. Two: Restore full range of motion and proper movement (sometimes the way we move can actually be the cause of our pain, and sometimes the pain affects the way we move). Three: REBUILD the rotator cuff and shoulder musculature to stabilize the joint, increase blood flow, and get you back to the things you love to do.

"I could barely lift my hand to my face without pain"

I waited over a year to go and see Michael Lok for my shoulder pain even though I already knew Michael could help me as he did in the past. I could barely lift my hand to my face without pain. By the 3rd visit, I had most of the mobility back in my shoulder and the pain was reduced by at least 90%. Michael is methodical about the way he does things and always make sure to do it at a pace your comfortable with. Like he said to me - Dale your in the driver's seat, I'm just along for the ride. He just seems to know where to start even though it may not be where you are feeling the pain the most. Michael is one of those people that is truly in his profession to help people feel better, not to mention he is just a nice guy too. Glad to call him my physiotherapist and friend.

Google Review - Dale D.

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"After suffering for months in pain with a frozen shoulder diagnosis"

After suffering for months in pain with a frozen shoulder diagnosis, I started working with Drew Reinhardt. He used manual manipulation, dry needling and an exercise program which had me progressing in no time. He was so professional, friendly and accommodating and even held virtual sessions while I was away. I now have my range of motion back and owe it all to Drew. I highly recommend him! Thank you for everything Drew!!
Google Review - Angie M.
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This is one of the most common injuries we see in the clinic. Here are some quick tips about the muscles in the rotator cuff, and where to start with rehabilitation.

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Learn how decreasing muscle tension and improving your posture can help reduce pain in the front of the shoulder