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The McGill Method is used to assess and treat low back pain. It was developed by world renowned spine expert Dr. Stu McGill.


Professor McGill dedicated over 32 years of research and clinical practice to investigate:

- How the spine works

- Mechanisms of low back pain 

- Proven ways to restore pain free activity


As Dr. McGill's success and reputation grew, so did the demand for the “McGill Method” and “McGill’s Techniques.” In response to this Dr. McGill created advanced courses to teach his method. 


Physiotherapist Eric Wood-Salomon has studied with Dr. McGill, completing all of the McGill courses. Eric also completed a fourth year kinesiology course with Dr. McGill during his undergraduate study at the University of Waterloo: 


Kin 427: Low Back Disorders, University of Waterloo 2007 with Dr. Stu McGill

McGill Method 1: Foundation for a pain free back 

McGill Method 2: Two day Master Assessment course in Gravenhurst ON

McGill Method 3: Enhancing Performance 

McGill Method 4: Gift of Injury with Dr. McGill and Brian Carroll (international powerlifting champion) 


In 2019 Eric became a McGill method certified practitioner  - this designation has brought him many more complex low back pain patients.


Learn more about the McGill method here:

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