Shoulder Pain

Is most commonly caused by an injury to the supraspinatus. This is one of the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff in the shoulder. 

The term tendinopathy refers to pain and dysfunction involving a tendon, and can include injuries such as partial and full thickness tears. 

Clinically The Pain Presents As: 

1) Pain over the cap of the shoulder 

2) Worse with shoulder movements above shoulder level, especially reaching out to the side

3) Caused by a sudden overload (sports injury) or chronic loading (overhead working) 

Several special tests are used to determine the involvement of the supraspinatus tendon. These tests allow your physiotherapist to determine the appropriate starting pont for treatment. 

Physiotherapy Treatment Would Include:

- Progressive exercise for the painful tendon - this is the most efficient way to heal it

- Stretching to regain correct posture and allignment of the shoulder 

- Manual therapy to restore natural shoulder joint range of motion and movement 

These treatment techniques will reduce/eliminate your shoulder pain, accelerate healing and prevent recurrence. 


Here's to your shoulder health! 



Drew Reinhardt

Drew Reinhardt


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