The McGill Method is used to assess and treat low back pain

It was developed by world renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill

Professor McGill dedicated over 32 years of research and clinical practice to investigate how the spine works, the mechanisms of pain, and proven ways to restore pain free activity.

As the success of this approach grew, so did the demand from patients to see clinicians utilizing the “McGill Method” and “McGill’s Techniques.” In response to this demand, Dr. McGIll created advanced courses to teach his approach.

"Back Pain Always Has a Cause" - Dr. McGill



Is there a position that is causing your pain?


Is a repeated movement the cause of pain?


Are you lifting too heavy or too often?

Physiotherapist Eric Wood-Salomon has been learning from Dr. Stuart McGill since his undergraduate days at the University of Waterloo

Courses Completed:

Kin 427: Low Back Disorders, University of Waterloo 2007 with Dr. Stu McGill 

McGill Method 1: Foundation for a pain free back 

McGill Method 2: Two day Master Assessment course in Gravenhurst ON

McGill Method 3: Enhancing performance 

McGill Method 4: Gift of Injury with Dr. McGill and Brian Carroll (international powerlifting champion)

McGill Method Certified Practitioner: Designation in 2019

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One of These Three Things Could be Causing Your Back Pain

Learn about three causes of low back pain by watching the video below


What to Expect

1) An assessment that reveals the pain mechanism 

2) Coaching to understand your pain trigger mechanism (learning what is causing pain and how to reduce/eliminate it) 

3) Coaching to learn how to move your body in a joint and spine-sparing way to allow pain desensitization/healing

4) A home rehabilitation program to build a foundation for painfree movement 

5) A report with a precise diagnosis (most of the time) with a recovery plan and progress milestones 

6) Follow up to determine effectiveness of the assessment and recovery program 

7) 100% of my best effort. I wish that I could guarantee everyone success, but that would be dishonest. Most of my clients do see improvement, but there are those tough cases that do not respond. What I will guarantee, is my very best to help you understand your pain trigger and take charge of your recovery. 

Does your back hurt when you sit?

Do you perch, or slump? Are these positions causing pain? See if this video can help.

"I now use the principles and techniques that Eric taught me to manage my back daily"

"In 2017 I suffered a severe low back injury at work as a firefighter. I initially dealt with therapists who prescribed exercises which aggravated my pain and I realized that their approach was not helping me. My wife found Eric and booked me an appointment. Right from the start Eric took a much better approach in understanding my history and specific pain triggers. At first the only "therapy" that he had me do was lie down. He was able to find a pain free position for me which was a welcome relief.

The lying down turned into walking and the big 3. Which then progressed to more and more functional movements and lifting. Eric was great at slowly progressing my program and also walking it back if it was triggering any symptoms. Eric was excellent in coaching, teaching, and motivating me through one of the worst times of my life.

I now use the principles and techniques that Eric taught me to manage my back daily. I have since returned to work and am mostly pain free except when I deviate from the path. I refer anybody that I know with back pain to Eric."

- Dan, Guelph.

Back Pain Resources

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I would highly recommend any back pained individual to read "Back Mechanic" The step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain. It can be purchased under the "books" tab on the BackFit Pro website. This resource is invaluable to both clinicians and patients.